Web Design Trends

If you work in the Web Design Industry you are aware that the field of web design is constantly making changes, with new updates and all that jazz because it is so dynamic. Every single year, new trends in this industry arise, most times its because some designer has this inventive or innovative idea which catches on fire or because looks got tired and finally got that much needed make over. Regardless, in any scenario, wed design will always be in flux, which is why it is so exciting.

So what’s the buzz in web designing now? In General, the greatest trends are at most always met with huge favor in the design community and different expectations are symbolized for all  the important user interface areas. Landing pages are going through a rethinking process and is being reworked, as such as the old scrolling concept. In addition, a 1-page layout is becoming more popular and also quite personal, while other web designers are gradually experimenting with those into boxes to have an introduction to themselves briefly to visitors landing on the site.

Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

Take the Minimalist Approach with Landing Pages

One of the best ways when it comes to selling your services of goods these days is online using the internet. There is no one that will dispute that because you gain this instant exposure to a massive customer base from no kidding aside, literally across this whole planet. To initiate into this incredible market, they have refined and devised landing pages.

Coming up with a landing page which is effective is based on grabbing new leads, whether it be for your services or your products. In this age, less actually means more! At least to say in the scope of landing pages. View other minimalist landing pages that assures things stay efficient and simple, so the focus is just on your company’s fundamental service or product.

The Infinite Scroll!

In most cases, when you are to scroll down most of the web pages today, there is a limit as to how far you can scroll downwards, but not with infinite scroll. While the infinite scroll has already exsited for for a couple or so years, the main reason why the year 2013 is its year is mostly because of high profile  sites which have utilized this feature. Take for example, Pinterest!

Pinterest is a Social Media Network website which had incorporated this method for its layout, although you first have to sign in or log in to your pinterest account to see what we are talking about. Then, look up anything on that site, such as the all time favorable topic: Food! Once you receive the results screen of all the different pins and boards about food, you can keep on scrolling down and it feels like forever since the webpage would be constantly loading!

Google Plus is another great example of this infinite scroll. Once you sign up and register for a google plus account, you will have to opportunity to post or share links, videos, pictures, text and even “hangouts” with those within your circles or shared publicly. These kind of shares will be made visible on your wall stream and the more and more you post, the more links will will be infinite for you and everyone to scroll from your initial posts.

The One-Page Layout Has Risen!

You get to eradicate the unnecessary clutter that’s unluckily so ubiquitous on many professionals’ & businesses’ websites. Note that one-page layouts are simplistic and ultra-clean. You can also call it minimalistic to its bone. Even so, it is still managed to tell potential clientele and business associates all the necessary important information they need to know to get a hold of the owner.

See how you can succinctly jam-pack information about your business, who you are, what you do and on what social media platforms you can be seen into a single page? In core, it’s just like a business card that filled the company website, while still being online. This kind of personalized and also less approach will be most popular in a single-page layout for the coming near future.

Intro Boxes: Personally Introducing Yourself To Visitors

Intro boxes are used as a technique to introduce you are to users visiting your site as soon as they click and see your homepage of your website. As such, could be a savvy replacement for  the uncreative and tired “About Me” section page that many professionals and entrepreneurs love to use.

The intro box purpose is to pressure you into shrinking or condensing the “About” information into the relatively moderate amount of space. The briefness of this could or may be appreciated by those visiting your site that just want to skip and skimmer through the best parts and already know about the business or professional the plan to hire.

Web Design: Always-Changing & Always-Exciting

Currently these are just some of the new and popular web design trends to watch out for. Sometime in the future, possibly sooner than later, there could even be some modeifications and extra quirks to be incorporated into the above mentioned trends. Yes, you can even bet on it that there are always new web designs that are trending and popping up. After all web design is ever changing and is dynamic!

What may be cool this year will most probably not be as cool next year. Today, having a responsive web design is still being included in designers awesome web design trends, more than even 3 years after it was brought forth to the wider audience’s attention now a days!


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