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For the first time, whenever we meet with a new client, we should think about telling them this: It’s not really important that you like the web design we’re going to create for you.

It’s always amusing to see the client’s response to this proclamation. Most look curious, others look downright puzzled.

We then explain on that initial statement: “It would be a bonus if you do like it, but the main focus and objectives is that your business needs should be met and that your customers will have the satisfaction from it.

In almost all scenarios, the client will agree with this logic.

But there are some clients, that will still have that personal want and need to appreciate the finished and completed project for just themselves. But the smartest and intelligent open-minded types of clients are awesome and understand the concept we through their way, and that’s who we prefer to work with.

The Client

The Client

Why is that? Because they are approaching the web design project with their business foot stepping forward rather than letting their personal interests and tastes and even biases get in the way of controlling the process.

Personally, being in this industry, we approach each and every web design project given to us by focusing at the needs of the consumers, the users and yes the client first — so that it only makes sense that we would expect the same from our clients.

The key comparison between those clients which need to love your designs for themselves as opposed to those that go about the design process in a very much less personal regard all depends on who’s the one in charge of paying the bills.

Where is the funds coming from for the project?

In most cases, when you have a client who is going to pay out of their picket, they will end up being much more hands-on throughout the entire project. To identify such clients in situations like these, they would be known as the entrepreneurs starting up and bootstrapping their business, who may have a very powerful and also personal attachment to the business. Cant blame them, it’s human nature. They are the ones paying for it; or in a more specific explain, they are paying you, for it. With that in mind, these clients may want a good control over the whole outcome. They might even make the whole project process a little too personal, because, well…. By the very nature of it, it is very personal.

We totally understand the situation at hand. However, the problem we can see from this; the more your client makes the process too personal, the less they think objectively, and the more they end up exerting only their own personal wants and taste towards dictating the entire direction of the project.

On the other hand, clients who are simply managing and overseeing the design project on behalf a big company are not paying for the project themselves.

They would also have a persuasive desire for the design project to complete successfully, but at the same time they would make it less personal toward themselves and much more about what is best for the company.

Of course, those are all immense generalizations, but in our design experience they happened to be true for most of the part.

Getting your concept understood by your clients

Whether you’re dealing with a client who is a multi-national corporation or just a start-up business, you as a designer, it is your dutyto make them see the whole forest and not just the trees when they are so caught up within their own personal preferences.

If you are creating a brand new website for your client, and you have already done your due diligence from the beginning, you may have probably asked plenty of questions in regards to their customer relations or base and their business needs, and if the website is produce accordingly.

So, what happens after you have completed your job right, and have built a site that connects and engages with their target market, but for some reason your client still doe not like it?

You ask why?

You should ask them if they can point our specifically parts of the web design they do not like then after asked them to give you a reason why they may not like that part of the new design.

After their reason out their dislike, ask the client if those parts of the design fail to achieve the objectives of the web project or does it fulfill it?

Most times, if you are able to get them to admit that even though they don’t like something but it still goes along with the projects objectives, you will have an easier time trying to convince them to agree on having it your way.

Get Examples

Get your client to show you examples of possible solutions that they may like better. With those examples, one or two things could happen. Either their solution is actually better or if it is not, you can collect your thoughts and explain in your point of view why your solution could be better for the project.

Facts! Facts! Facts!

If the client is extremely adamant about adding a splash screen or an audio loop on their website’s homepage, send some references and even resources that explain why ideas are horrible ones. Point to facts which show how such things can affect user experience and the usability.

If you client a logo which is overly complex, give them some examples of successful business logos within their industry, and show them all the commonalties that each share. Most great logos are minimalistic, simple and are done as vector images.

Know When to Give In

With all that said, it get to the point when its just best to give into the client and what it is they want

Many web designers will have different kinds of views with that statement I just laid out.

But in our experience, if we have a client that is really gripping and digging in their heels on a project issue, we state our case and just leave the ball in their court.

You got to pick your battles; as that saying goes! Great design is definitely worth the fight and struggle; and in regards to all the rest, they really don’t matter when it comes to the broader scheme of things.

Our Final Thoughts

While most of Company Web Design’s client hire our designers for the many experience and for the history of our work, some trust in the credentials more than the others.

We always prefer and we also love to work with business-like people rather than those paying out-of-pocket, for reasons that they understand the end game in a much more purer way.

And, while we love the situations where our clients really do appreciate all the efforts of the end product, its never really our goal. If the design project does not hit the hearts and home of their target market and reach business objectives, we wouldn’t take it as a success.


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