Using Google Analytics; The Power Of Google

Want to be the life of the party? With the help of Google Analytic (GA) you can show off all you got!

Everyone wants to be on top! Especially when running a business, there’s lots of competition out there. Many also think by just having an online web site of your company, you think that you’ve already got the ball rolling and that people will notice you. Not always though, It depends how you’re getting yourself notice through the web.

Since the recommendation to start off right by installing the power of Google Analytic— it only seems correct that our 1st concern focuses on how Google Analytic can definitely help in making you the life of the party, Mr/Ms Popular… without a lampshade required.

Whether you’re a perk of a wallflower or a wildcat, Google Analytic can help you entertain the perfect party for your visitors and guests.

Question… you think you’re more or less popular than before?

Admittedly, many of us feel we are no longer worried or concerned which table we sit now at the cafeteria. But we are worried about our web site’s popularity, reason being… the more traffic, the better opportunity for our business.

To find out whether or not your web site’s traffic is rising to popularity, On the GA Dashboard, click on the down arrow located next to the date range. Select “Date Range” which is under “Comparison” then choose a range of date, doesn’t matter if it’s a previous month or even the year before.

Unlike the time traveler, Dr. Who, GA (Google Analytic  doesn’t travel through time.  GA can only record your website’s traffic starting from the time you had installed it. If you’re a new user to GA, you’re going to have to wait a few months before you can benefit of this feature.



When do we start to get boring?

At a social get together party, the guests might not be able to run away or forget about your story when the local newspaper featured that photo of you on the front page playing Guitar Hero; but, on the Web, online… people will move away or shut and tune you out the very instant they get bored. Your Google analytic report calls these boredom the “exit pages.” In which represent the holes and leaks in your Web site design’s colander.

To retrieve a listing of your website’s leakiest holes in GA, go to “Content” then “Top Exit Pages”. In a so-called, perfect world, the only page we wanted exited would have to be the thank you page once someone can see upon completing the website’s contact form page. Fortunately, in the self-improvement industry, it’s not a perfect world that we live in.

You may be amazed to see some of your web site’s most popular pages–your homepage even–on the list. Does not means it’s the end of the world. Many people will find your web site through a search engine keyword but quickly decide you don’t offer what it is they may need. Others people might be just looking for directions or contact phone number.

However, if you want to decrease the ratings of these “exit pages” and keep guest remaining at the party, here are a few tips to help:

Make your website’s pages easy to navigate and read. Shorten the long paragraphs and bullet the important info; you know how everyone love just getting information from bullet points. Also, for easy scanning of your site, use sub-headers.

Too many options or information on a site can overwhelm your visitors, allowing them to hit the “Back” button on browser or look for something else on a search engine. So get rid of clutter!

Include on your web site a “call-to-action”. It may be a link to the contact form, maybe a request to call you for more info or even a “buy now” button. Give people a definite action to make when they approach the bottom of a  webpage.

Find out what will keep your guest hanging onto your words!

In your Google Analytics tools, navigate to the “Traffic Sources” then “Keywords” you can view some of the words or phrases most popular that people are using to search and find your web site. Don’t quit at the 1st couple of items, but take a look at that “long tail” of keywords that are commonly used to drive traffic to your web site.

When sorting and scanning through these key word searches you’ll begin to see or notice some of the themes emerge, anything ranging from “how to set up a company pool” to “How to make your home burglar-free.”

To conclude:

There are just dozens, even hundreds of ways that Google Analytic can help you become the life of any party, in this case, your website. All you need to do is just invest some time from each week towards your success. Actually, most reports from Google Analytic can be emailed automatically on a regular basis to you, which allow you to keep tabs on your website’s traffic much easier.

To boost the power of Google Analytic even more, take the initiative step & set up Google Analytic Goals.

If for any reason you have not set up GA yet, and would like some assistance doing so, we at Company Web Design offer some free Web Design training sessions from time to time which covers SEO features using Google Analytic  So we encourage you to all to check for future events and updates and even follow us on Twitter! @BestWebDesign. You won’t regret it! It’s free! What’s there to lose?

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