Starting an Online Website

The importance of credibility:

The web presence is essential for many people and businesses today, but then it will be much more in the near future when the internet continues its growth, while exerting more influence it will drive more money. Usual times the first thing one does is learn more about the company or person and enter the name in search engine, so a websites has become one of the main means of contact between an organizations and an individual.

If we want our points of views to get across to influence and do business with our visitors they would have to trust our website first.

Starting an Online Website

Starting an Online Website

What good is having a website is credible?

Having a website which builds trust to your viewers will give you the ability to:

1. Improving a visitor’s outlook towards you: to assume confidently about your company and organization, to feel content with your proposal, accepting the views which that promulgates

2. Change user / viewer behavior: the confidentiality and security of personal information, complete order transactions, returns to the website often speak out or spread your significance hardly persuades an important visitor to your point of views or to do business with your company if you think you can be “trusted”.

There are two main groups or types of factors:

Perceiving reliability

1. Is it true? Is it honest?
2. Is it fair? Is  there something for you to gain from this?
3. Is it “good”? Are your actions good for yourself, for your community or your environment?

Professionalism Perceived

1. Do you have and experience in that industry?  Are you an expert?
2. Does it show the  ability to understand any topic discussed?
3. Are you a person of power or authority for your organization?

In most cases, you would comprise more quality or more than one of the two factored groups to gain web credibility.

How I can progress the credibility of my website?

1. Your business website design should be professional

This is considered the most important point. The visual design of a site is important because it can determine the website’s credibility.

People promptly assess a website by its visual appearance, we do also do it while entering a clothing store, choosing a good restaurant, etc..

What can you do to make it better?  Make notice to the design: your typography, colour schemes, images, the arrangement of elements, consistency. The website design should be professional and in line with what your company represents.

2. Own your own domain.

If your company is called Company Web Design, then register a domain (or .Com, .Net or whichever you you’d prefer) Do not use your friends domain name or even a service provider which allows you to host your site on your domain which ens up leaving you with a url address like http:// example. com/companywebdesign or http:// companywebdesign.example. com

Same goes with e-mails, you should use an account that goes along with your domain. Like and not the free services like yahoo, hotmail or gmail.

3. Provide information that is verifiable

Usually you are a considered partly involved and can be from the point of views of the viewer, , so if you want to get credibility for your website as a company. You must cite confirmable information from outside sources: references, citations, studies, testimonials, reviews, reviews.

4. Show your organization is real behind your site

If your company is not well known outside of the web you will need to show that it in fact exist outside the web world. With that being said, show pictures of your company offices, your team staff, employees and even partners, put an address with a map or registration number for the chamber of commerce.

Page Biography (an About Us page) of the founders of the company.

5. Emphasize the skills and knowledge of your organization and the services you provide.

Do you have experts working on your staff? Are authorities included on any subject? Do you happen to be affiliated with any other organizations? Have you received any awards your products?

Publish and create articles or blogs, tutorials, where you show that you are an expert on your services.

6. Humanize your organization

It will allow your visitors to trust you knowing there are real people working behnd the scenes of your site. Publish content about the employees and the manager along with  photos, shows their human side.

People tend to connect and also trust other people better than with brands or products.

It should be trouble-free to find a phone number to reach, an address and also an email address. If you can add a contact form or other forms, that would be better.

8. Make your website user-friendly

Think of your visitor and not your ego. Is should be about what you want, or what it is you think your organization needs, but instead it should be what you offer to your sites visitors.

9. Your content is updated

No one likes to see a website which has been abandoned and outdated. What is going to spark any interest to a viewer to a site that doesn’t care about their online business? You should always have your site up-to-date with its content, latest changes, new products, events, news etc…

10. Beware of advertising

To gain online web credibility it’s best to totally avoid any sort of advertising on your website. If, however, you need to put advertising on your site (many sites are maintained by ads)

11. Keep away from errors

Easy to solve but tends to hurt the credibility are the small errors: spelling errors, broken links, slow page loads. This creates a bad image or impression of your company and affects negatively.

12. Make use of privacy policy and certificates.

At the time of requesting private and sensitive information which is personal or bank data your site should further increase the rudiments to reinforce user confidence on your site website. You are encouraged to clearly indicate that you have high security measures to avoid and  prevent any fraud and data info theft.

13. Social recognition

The final recommendation, is word of mouth, coming from those in your immediate surroundings and enviroment. As a result it is very important, to have as part of our website the sharing of your email contact, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+.

14. Watch your users experience

You can have a feedback form for your visitors. Asking questions such as: How did you enjoy your last purchase? Any suggestions?


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