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We’re not usually the kind of companies or even individuals who talks about who it is we follow or why do we follow a certain user on a social network. But then, here we are writing an article about it.  Alright then…

As a Web Design Company, we’ve always liked twitter. Reason is for its simplicity. We also like its ability to do a one way association when following somebody without the need of a reciprocal association. If you scan through the users I follow, it won’t hit you instantly as to why we chose to people to follow and interact with. What is noticeable is that we went out of our way to share and bestow importance towards them. We have given them the permission to interact and socialize with me via both private and public tweets.

Best Web Design

Best Web Design

There are people on twitter who choose to only follow a few people while others follow hundreds, even thousands. We are somewhat in between. Currently over 2,000 and those 2,000 users are actually quite active. Plenty of those users have been using twitter just as long as we have, if not, longer! Following too many users will increase the amount of content or information coming in one can only hope that that noise will not outweigh the signal. It can get really noisy on Twitter.

So that is when we start to unfollow people. (Well, in our case, we did.)

Which is kind of unfortunate because there are times we still want to hear what they have been up to and need to say, just maybe not all the time or too often. What if there was a way to filter this?

Make a List

Twitter had introduced Twitter Lists awhile back and users added plenty of the people they follow to many lists and then categorizing them in various kinds of ways. We like seeing how twitters categorize me. javascript, ,CSS, HTML5, design, and creatives.

We made a few lists. And yet still, we so rarely or barely use them. As in, actually using the list in a way other than to categorize users that we follow on twitter.  Surely, there are many people who are in the same boat.

Checking it twice

We decided to revisit some lists and this time, as a result, I’ve noticed a few interesting idiosyncrasies between a list and main timeline.

There isn’t any re-tweets within a list.

Replies between contacts show up in the list but then replies to me – “Mentions” don’t show, even if a reply is from a person on the list.

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