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Fotoz Organized is a new Image search Engine created by Company Web Design using the power of Google. Nowadays, content on the internet has been more about Images and not text. People are just drawn to photos. As you can tell, social media networks such as Facebook, Google+ and so forth have updated their sites to show larger images with Cover Photos and unlimted photo albums and uploads. Twitter used to be just about status text updates, now they have networks like the famous Instagram where you snap images of what it is you’re up to, and Pinterest where people look for photo inspiration. Having said, we have developed a feature rich platform that includes a well documented API.



Think about it, an image search engine so quick, type in a keyword, anything and have access to those images from sites all over within seconds, not even! For example search the keyword “Obama” you will get About 33,360,000,000 results in 0.44 seconds. Quick and plenty isn’t it?

How it works, within a photo search, the technology is basically based upon detecting the information in the photo itself. The meta data of the photo is stored and indexed in a huge database. So when a search is made in keyword query, the ISE (Image Search Engine) is looking for that index which match with the information stored.

Fotoz Organized is a type of search engine focused on finding images, photos, animations and so on. Just like a text search on the web for informational purposes, but in this case you get photo results viewed as thumbnails and sorted out by relevancy which then directs you to web content where that photo is located.

Fotoz Organized

Fotoz Organized

Image search engines try to give access to a broad range of imagery obtainable on the Internet.

Anything that enables the viewer to have more control privilege over their image searches is helpful. When a user has the power to filter their searches- as an example most users to contain and keep out conditions based on search image characteristics or terms – will be a great help. A lot of users would want to eliminate adult imagery from their search query results, but it would be also useful to the user   to have a file type limit, file size and even colour.  A search engine for images would need to return a fair and reasonable total of search results, since in any search given a fair percentage of the photos found are most likely to be of insufficient quality or even irrelevant.

The Internet world is a very fast-paced-changing environment. This is just the beginning of Fotoz Organized,  We are pretty sure that there will be a lot of new features and advancements in the near future. We are Company Web Design, we create and we innovate. Until next time, we encourage you to add Fotoz Orgnanized on Twitter @FotozOrg, Pinterest @FotozOrganized and most of all take advantage of

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