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It’s with no more surprise that mobile phones/devices have boomed in recent years. GSMA, which is a trade association, had done a study that had estimated 3.2 billion users (about 46% of this world’s population) have ownership to at least 1 mobile device which is active. By this year’s end, the total amount of mobile users or devices is expected to go beyond and exceed global population.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Handheld portable devices have now become essential to how people interact with the web and the rest of the world. More than half of us adults who own cellular phones go online and practically a third uses the phone as a primary way to access the net online. More than ever, we’re on our mobile devices while we are engaging themselves in other activities. Almost 40% of us use a tablet or mobile phone to while watching shows, logging on social networks and to also play games.

All pointers to this continued Boom of the “Second Screen” and major commercial brands are taking its notice. From the beginning of 2013, few major TV Broadcasts stations had openly welcomed mobile device/tablet multi-tasking and had gave it confirmation that being mobile has increasingly changed the way we make use of entertainment nowadays.


You all know that the Super Bowl is almost frequently the most crazed American Sports television broadcast of the year. While the broadcast took some notice to the “Second Screen” Boom or phenomenon last year. This year’s device-focused surge recognized the growth of shifts in the behavior of the audience.


When setting up for their coverage for the big game of the Super Bowl, CBS worked under the supposition that the game is known as “appointment television”. Unlike some other small sports events or March Madness, the Super Bowl is known to have every audience member to specifically plan being in front of a tv. Given the assumption, CBS planned their online coverage around the booming “second screen” case.

Instead of duplicating or replacing tv content, CBS had focused on augmenting the experience by giving live stats, camera angles alterations & live social feeds. They even had implemented a camera that was guided by votes of online viewers.

To advance, improve and widen the user or viewer experience, CBS made a conscious aware in deciding to provide access to online content seamlessly. The networks coverage required you not having to login or any content selection upfront decisions. With just that single click it would take the user from an organic search to the live streaming of the game. But CBS wasn’t the only broadcast or brand to realize and take notice to the growth of the “second screen”. Even Advertisers made use through Social Media.

Oreo was mainly victorious with this approach, and served an effortless ad less than just ten minutes into the blackout of the 3rd Quarter of the SuperBowl. The ad of Orea was was retweeted on twitter more than 15,000 times. Which tweeted “ Power out? Not a problem.” Which an image caption of “You can still dunk in the dark” By setting up for that opportunity, Oreo was able to connect the “second screen” to take advantage of the key moment where it reached a massive audience with such little cost.


The rise and growth of mobile devices in television may not be such a big surprise. We’ve witness it’s potential growth in many areas over the years. People are no longer content with only just single, one-directional stream of content. They want to expand their entertainment experiences, customize it and engage in real time through their social networks.

Just witnessing major advertisers and broadcast networks so openly take advantage of the “second screen” users is just another reminder that mobile devices like phones and tablets are drastically transforming the way us, the viewers, engage with practically everything around us.

At Company Web Design, we’ve witness and acknowledge the growth of mobile engagement on our own website design and also of many clients. We are honing our web design and skills of web development to create, produce and build meaningful web experiences throughout all platforms. Have you seen how your business in booming through mobile usage, is your site mobile? How are you feeling to appeal to this ever so increasingly mobile device audience?

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