RSS Feeds Coming To An End?

It has been quite an interesting month, we all heard and seen big news; the announcement of a new Pope, the revealing of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google with Google Reader. What we would like to talk about is one of the last announcements because it reflects and represents the times of change we are living right now.



Company Web Design started in 2008, as a Canadian web design and development company. Social media sites like Slashdot, StumbleUpon, Digg, Flikr and were like the Kings. Twitter was just moments away from making itself mainstream and the obvious Facebook was still awesome. During that time one of the most essential things was to make use of an RSS feed on your web design or site so viewers could subscribe to new news from your company automatically. It worked just like magic.

The best way to share content from your site was to have an RSS, it was important if you wanted to broadcast information. Companies like Mozilla Firefox and Apple happily announced that the products they have could now be easily subscribed and be RSS readable.

Most traffic would always come from RSS Feed readers; it helped us to extend the sites blog to more viewers that subscribed and are receiving new posts. Plenty of blogs and companies sites were  using the RSS, specially those in the web design community. It was perfect, never-ending quantity of info automatically being delivered right to your computer. Come on, what could possibly be better?

After approximately 7 years goes by and a lot of things have now changed with the way things work in the web. Google+, Facebook and Twitter connected with Feedly, Flipboard, Pulse & other apps which have now become the new era of RSS. Some apps are still relying on RSS Feeds to receive info and we don’t think that will change. However, what did change was that viewers stop hitting subscribe to RSS. Its not like how it used to be.

What and when was the last time you used the RSS Feed?

Give it a second of thought. There are people reading the blog that may not even know what RSS Feed is, and its reality. Things will always keep evolving as well as our selves, so when Google mentioned that they would close down the Google Reader; those were for the milestones that we currently have in history.

In our opinion, we think RSS will stick around for a while because it is quite simple and easy to use, as the title says it, to share information or content. But with tablets and phone companies being able to deliver the content in much richer and more beautifully designed way, just like Flipboard, and Feedly. The main concern or problem for us is that it will be limited to the possibilities of discovering new things. Being human we will continually  be followers of what media curates towards us. It’s understandable that the overflow of endless info, but it’s also dangerous, why? at the end of the day, Company Web Design and other incredible websites were flourished and borne due to many RSS Feed readers and Google Reader.

Anyways,that’s our 2 cents on this subject. Things are changing. We will start blogging more often because once again, not only do things change but also the way people look and consume web design content, but that will be for our future post.




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