How to Make your Website Interactive

A website which encourages visitors’ participation is

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most likely to get more traffic compared to other text-heavy websites. Online visitors are not contented with just sitting and reading for long hours. They want to keep their minds stimulated and feel the excitement while browsing the Internet. With this in mind, you know how important it is to have a site that is interactive.

How do you make your website interactive? Talk with your web designer and propose these add-ons to make your online visitors happy every time they check your site.

Opt for internal linking. This work for websites with content which covers three or more web pages. Instead of users scrolling up and down, all they need to do is click a link which goes to the next page. The site is easier to navigate from one chapter to another using this scheme.

Create an interactive map. If your website deals with places and locations, you can incorporate an interactive map. You can use the Google API and get a Javascript code that you will embed on your website. These maps can be customized according to your liking.

Write a blog. If you have the time, maintain an online journal. This will serve as an outlet for you to communicate with your online visitors and potential clients. It is an informal way to get your customers involved in discussions of various topics. Plus, it would be easy to disseminate new updates and information since your visitors can link your blogs to their own blogs.

Construct a forum. Discussion board is a better option if you want your website visitors to interact and communicate with each other. Not only are you encouraging people to share their views, but also it attracts more traffic to your site.

Install an RSS Feed. Let the web know about your website through RSS feed. The RSS feed grasps the gists on the fresh topics on your site and link it to people who are searching about the these topics. This tool will help invite people to your site and encourage them to read on the articles.

Incorporate social media sharing buttons. In the age of social media, it is important to include these elements on your web design. These buttons will help article, video or image to be embedded on profiles on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. This feature helps users post news instantly without the hassle of clicking a new tab and accessing their profiles.

Include videos. Create short clips about your products and services and post them in your website. Content containing videos attracts more users and encourages people to give their feedbacks. You can also integrate video share feature so it would be easy for visitors to forwards these clips to other users.

Provide comment boxes. Allot a space for your website visitors where they can write their feedbacks about the articles, videos or images found in your site. Also, you can boost participation by doing surveys and polls. However, make sure you take into consideration the comments or feedbacks your clients write on your site. These reviews might be the way to better improve your business.


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