How to Find a Web Designer

Beginning and initiating your very own online website for your business can be a very exiting process. But, it’s also considered a process a process that many do mistake for being a easy and quick thing to do. But in all reality, budget balancing, accomplishing a design which is effective and encourages great sales online, knows your target market, building trust and of course just to maintain the website in itself.

Such as updating orders, products, or editing and revising errors, etc. which is only the bit and pieces of the tasks to be done. You also need to consider your online marketing, and improves that needs to be addressed, web site traffic analysis, and also assessing how many of those who visit your site turn into actual sales for your business profit and what could be done to make things better.

Before you initiate the project you should have a detailed outline of what your business actually is, know your products and services, what to you offer? What are your price selling points? What is your brand? Do you have a logo, what are your colors and schemes and so forth. Also make sure you have a clear mind of understanding what is you are wanting to retrieve for your business needs from a website. This will also save time for your web designer as the will now have all the information they need from you upfront and in the end will also save you money.

Web Designer

Web Designer


A good starting point is to do some research with other websites. Then list the likes and dislikes about the sites you have stumbled upon. Are there any layouts with certain websites that seem easier to navigate than any other web design layouts? Hop onto you top competitors sites, and determine how their web designs are designed and sent out. Does there business have any features that may set you apart that you may need to compete with? This could be something that makes their website more trustworthy in appearance.

If you are able to approach web design companies when seeking quotations with a set of aims, goals and examples, the designers will be able to accurately quote you for the job, and if the designers has any kind of doubts or maybe even a worry with your project, they would be able to address those with you before you go ahead and make a final agreement.

What do you want?

Figure out what kind of website you are in need for. Do you need you r website to just be a simple base site for all your existing clients instead of a tool that helps you retrieve new customers? Do you want to sell products with an e-commerce site that has an online shop on the agenda? DO you need an online admin system that generates invoices and so on…

Maybe you are a designer that requires a website that will allow your customer base or potential clients to find out more about you and that will showcase mostly just your work? Is there any kind of special features that is important to your company business? For example, a business who sells jewellery might need a drop down menu feature which shows different kind of metal choices with an automatic price adjustments when a metal is chosen, or maybe it’s different color choices with clothing.

Some of these points might seem minor, but, the more recognize every aspect of the website and plan ahead, the more likely it is you will attain a well designed site, with easy navigation, is a trustworthy site and will actually make you money for your business.

Finding quotes

Do your research on potential design companies. Having a recommendation from someone you know or from another company would be a great way to start. Reason being is because they would have experience and also feedback from working along with that particular design company which will allow you to gain an unbiased opinion.

Another way of research is to look at a variety of other website designs and take note of the designer and developer who had created the website. Their details are usually found at the bottom of the website. Research the design company who are providing you with the quotes, Look into their examples of their past work to understand and have a feel of their background. You can also try to retrieve info or feedback by contacting some of those clients. Gather as much quotes as needed as quotes and services can vary significantly. Pick the best which also suits your budget. The more you gather, the more informed you will be when making a choice.

Customer service

If for any reason you website has an error or the server has gone down for such a period of time, or maybe you need to make any adjustments, revisions and updates, it is good to ask and check into how long it will take to be completed. The chosen design company makes you wait for several weeks or months even just to complete a simple job, it may impact your sales. Make sure they are available on hand to give guidance or help with any queries when the project is already completed as it can be likely you will be needing assistance in the future.

Be part of the project process

Once you have finally chosen your design company to take care of the web deisgn and development of your business website, keep following up and checking on what the designer is doing and your company website is progressing. Remember, it is your money you’re spending so you should make yourself involved. Give your 2 cents, if you’re not quite sure about a certain design aspect and explain why.

Give your designer an idea of the direction you want the web design to take its progress in. Just be aware that they will also have experience in designing websites for other businesses small and big, listen to your designers advice and give them constructive feedback. If you are too bossy or being too interfering, it can damage the work relationship and can jeopardize the overall project result.

User testing

Once you are about to launched your site, user testing would be a great tool to use. Your actual users have a set range of tasks throughout your site. It could be to locate a particular product and add it to cart or to find out where to find the policies on returning items.


It’s done! You are now going to launch your brand new site, but when you do so, do with something exciting to offer, maybe with a super savings sale! It’s a great way to attract people. Let your target market know about your website launch through social media networks, campaigns, e-mails and the press.

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