How to Choose the Best Tagline for Your Business Website

All of us are familiar with punch lines or taglines, and most of all with the famous iconic notable ones. For example, Nike keeps telling you to “Just Do It”, 7-Up is, as we all know “The Uncola”, General Electronics (GE) mentions “we bring good things to life”, “Think outside the Bun” with Taco Bell and Chevy Trucks are tough just “like a Rock”. Many small online businesses think that just because they are not a famous or large corporation that they will not benefit with a tagline or punch line. Guess what? You’re wrong, do not undersell or sell yourself short!

Having a tagline/punch line for your online business can express the extra meaning and possibly stimulate the interests of prospected or potential customers to your sites. Coming up with a catchy tagline takes brain power, creativity and patience. You wouldn’t want to be too quick into rushing out your first tagline thought. If your tagline is not well thought of, it could lead to back firing and have your customers turned-off.

Below you will find some pointers to keep in mind when coming up with a good tagline for your company website.



Message should be clear. Other than having people left scratching their heads, your tagline will be of little purpose if it is confusing. As an example, if you have a business that sells toys which are educational and your business name is called “Child Professor”, a poor punchline would be something like  – This game is just for you”. Instead of that, try using a tagline which reflects to what your company is all about. A much more catchy tagline would read “Learn Through Play”

Dont be too clever. Why? There is actually a difference between being catchy and trying to be clever. When you have a catchy tagline, it tends to stick in the minds of people. When you try to be too clever with your tagline it could read like, “Brain power that is in a box” That would come off as a small business that sells games to make kids smart but doesn’t quite correctly reflect your business nature.

Do not statements over-the-top.  Taglines or Punchlines shouldn’t make any promises that may not be kept. In the example of the educational store, having a tagline like “Create your own Einstien” kinda falls on a falsehood. Yes, there could be one special kid who plays with these games and toys who ends up a genious, but the other kids are merely just learning new skills utilizing play. And will go through  their life with the IQ at average levels.

Don’t pigeon hole a small online company with narrow taglines. Business are ever growing, and it would be quite unfortunate to be stuck using the same 1 tagline on a specific component of your business. Think about the possibilities of how  you may want your business to grow and expand in the future before you implement or devising the tagline.  As per our example, if the company just started out selling board games and came up with the tagline “Board games for your brain” It wouldne be relevant anymore when the business expands into selling the myriad of any other toys for educational purposes.

Brainstorm plenty of taglines and put to test. As much as possible try to create a number of different taglines for your business and share them amongst past employees, family and friends.  A tagline that may be your favorite amongst the rest but might not boom with the people in your focus group.  Best to think like a customer. What would your customer want?  Go with the one that attracts the most, the most popular one.

Coming up with a tagline is not often a fast process. The best taglines is valuable as a marketing tool thereore you should take your time and be open to suggestions from outside. Think it over, and in the end without a doubt you will come up with perfect catchy tagline for your business.


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