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Have you been feeling  down with creativity or uninspired lately? You mind is working wonders with the best creative ideas but for some odd reason can’t execute them? Don’t worry, you came to the right place! This may be the perfect article for you.

During the beginning stage process of creativity, we tend to imprison our mind of crazy ideas inside of a box or cage before exposing them. These bold thoughts, that have the potential to generate remarkable work, can be pushed down by our own fears of falling short of expectation or by the thought of thinking too critically of our potential. To be able to overcome that creative block & be able to create amazing works of design, you must unleash your creative beast which is hiding inside and enter into “Beast Mode.” When in “Beast Mode” you’re able to maximize your creative power and therefore allow you to execute all concepts without that nagging hesitation.

Below you will find 4 easy steps to entering “Beast Mode”!




Beasts were meant to feel free to roam in the wild as opposed to being caged up. In the beginning stages of creation, as designers, its good to be open minded and not be afraid have fear of venturing off into the open wild. Your initial brainstorming is the time you come up with most or all of your ideas, not just the ones that seem most correct. Once we have our ideas out, that’s when we can narrow down the choices made and polish them.

As once said, by the great martial artist, Bruce Lee “don’t think, feel.” If you set up a list of rules or reject ideas just because of your predetermined notions, and are too critical with your thinking, it will hinder your creative brainstorming. Be positive, be you. Do not fear other people’s  judgments’ or try to even  seek their approval. Remaining positive and agreeing to say “yes” to others’ ideas will broaden you to think much more creatively because you won’t have any blocks or limitations. Your initial creative thoughts might come as crazy at first. Nevertheless, you can always change them and apply any rules after you get the ideas out of your head.

Also when we say, “let the beast run free,” it’s meant literally, like seriously. If you’re a true beast, then get out of your little office space or cubicle and  go change your habitats. Get your brain working outside, if you have to… talk aloud while walking around, or even share your creative problem to a non-creative individual. One of our favorite things to do is exercise during work time since it keeps the blood pumping and our minds focused.


There is a priceless lesson that we could learn from chimpanzees in the wild. As an outcome of putting more effort towards the hunting risk, chimpanzees have actually “predicted that they would demonstrate superior tolerance for risk in choices in regards to food.” If you always play it on the safe side, it will just make us accustomed to repeatedly settling for less. BUT, if we take risks, we will become much more inclined or susceptible towards coming up with greater ideas under pressured, high risk situations. This allows us to thrive in environments where larger ideas are being populated. Quote by Tony Stark “Sometimes you have to run before you walk.”

We can’t be intimidated by the fear of failing or else we will never push hard enough to go beyond our comfort zone. Don’t let rules limit you.

Find that line, and when you do… cross it.

We need to be attentive and follow through 100% when taking risks. Becoming fully absorbed within the creative process will abandon self-doubt and will allow you to enjoy every bit of the ride.


When we come close to a problem, and is approached in different angles, there is that possibility to realize solutions to these problems that were not available at the first glance. If for whatever reason,  there is no solution for plan A or plan B, then we must to create plan C. Remember there are 26 letters in the alphabet.

Another Bruce Lee saying: “To hell with circumstances, I make or create opportunities”


Use any kind of creative action as a way to channel your troubles. Make it a refuge of some sort from all of the grievances from the outside world you face. Instead of remaining stuck within your failures, you should just approach the problem right there, head on. But, when you face a problem, you should try not be blinded by any kind of rage. Better yet, take a few steps backward and analyze the reasons why you are heated. Once you come to an understanding of the problem, then it will be easier for you to approach the situation and conquer it.


Let’s do our best not to worry so much about limitations and rules when we are trying to get our creative ideas out. The time for us to do that is later, once we pick and sort the best ones out of the rest. Let’s just have our creative “Beast Mode” come right out and help to bring incredible ideas into fruition.

What kind of methods do you use to become a more creative web designer?

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