Cinemagraph App For Android By Fotodanz.

Ok Android lovers, just like the addictive Cinemagram app created only for the iOS, there is now what is called fotodanz, an Android app which allows you to create fun motion, movie-like images using your mobile phone’s camera. If you don’t know what Cinemagram for iOS is, it’s a hybrid cross-breed between photo and video captures, publicly known as “cinemagraphs”; way of taking a still-photo and isolating a specific action within an image and playing it repetitively to create a moving photograph. Much so like a gif.



In general, it would take software for photo-editing to create these cinemagraphs as well as compositing skills. However, fotodanz allows you to create these images in only a few seconds with is dramatically simplified process, you don’t need to be a pro for this. All you’ve got to do is take a couple seconds of video from the built-in camera on your phone using the app then edit to choose the part you want keep moving. The procedure consists of 3 easy steps: capture, edit and preview.

First Capture

Once you got the capture screen open, that is where you will take a video. Aim and focus at your subject and hold the camera still for about 3 seconds, use the camera button found on the bottom to start the video capture. It’s important to hold the camera as still as possible in order to achieve great results. Once you are happy with the video you have captured, tap the check mark located at the bottom right corner. Now it’s time to edit!

Editing and Marking the Moving Parts

The edit screen is the section you would draw a circle around the areas of where you want to retain to motion. This will be the only part of the image where there is movement while the rest of the shot will be still, based on your video’s 1st frame. It could be a tad complicated to master the first part and may take some time. You can delete the circle by double-tapping on it, then re-draw the circle again until you are satisfied.

Final Image Preview

fotodanz allows you Preview your finished work before sharing And just like other camera apps, like the famous Instagram,  you may also choose 5 of the photo filters: Sepia, Black and White, Normal, Cool and Warm. If you choose to use the filters it will apply to the whole image, not just the moving part.

Once it’s complete, you can either save your creation and view it in the gallery of fotodanz, or share it among your Facebook friends.

Missing Options and Small Issues

Being a new app, fotodanz still has its quirks at this moment. Few features like allowing you to import a video from your default gallery are not available yet, so you’re still limited to using the fotodanz camera app every time you want to create a cinemagraph. At the moment, sharing your work to social networks is limited to Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS.  Google+ will soon be on its way.


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