Interactive Web Design Strategy

You may have heard us mention “Strategic Web Design” earlier at some point

And you have most likely wondered what we were talking about.

Well, it’s kinda like our magnificent unifying web theory. It is something which brings together all of what we’ve been doing towards in conversion, SEO, graphic design, persuasion and usability.

In a few sentences, let us sum it up.

Web Design Strategy

Web Design Strategy

Firstly, let us tell you what’s wrong with today’s web design:

Clients pay the web designers a big lump of money for a design they have no idea will work or not.

In other words, it’s gambling!

A quote by John Wanamaker:  “Half of the money I spend on advertising is just wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half!”

Now, Company Web Design is not a believer of gambling. But we do believe in good marketing, though. Also, we do believe that every dollar which is spent on marketing should be able to generate and populate more money for the client. If you agree with that, please read on…

That theory is really at the heart of Strategic Web Design.

Instead of the client paying a large amount or the whole cost up-front, for some designer’s “first best guess”, Company Web Design says you should invest as little as possible, shop around and test out a theory.

Company Web Design wants to develop swiftly, and make decisions rapidly, based on design facts, not just opinions. Plus, every step taken should minimize risk and maximize the return on your investment.

Now, the way it work is:

Stage 1: Research

A Web Designer who is strategic will spend plenty of time researching, interviewing and focusing on the client, watching out for the competition, defining propositions, and also estimating the composition and size of the market.

So, prior to we even firing up that FTP client, Company Web Design has a really good idea knowing whether there’s likely a profitable target market niche out there, and how to attain them.

(Hint: a brand new website is not always the best solution… But its marketing we’re interested in, so yes, we’re open to any sources, including Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)

Stage 2: The Test

During second stage, they would rapidly launch a skeletal website.

This won’t necessarily be over-designed, but it will be based on the simplest and appropriate theme. The main purpose of this Test site is to test your market so that it will answer questions such as….

Is the market world interested in what we are offering?

How much and how easily will be get traffic to our site?

To make the best decisions, we look for real-world, actual data. Instead of using up too much time and days on graphics or productions, we design the content! That means the guarantee, the propositions, the irresistible offer, and yes the human story. The second stage is done when there’s an initial round of stats with traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates, average sale value, etc.

Now add the numbers together, and you’ll have an idea of how possible the market really is. Then you should be able to identify how much of every 1% of growth is actually worth —NOW THAT’S ROI! (Return of Investment)

After that, you are now able to decide if it is best to invest towards the opportunity and at to what extent, how much?! But the best part is knowing that you got to this point with just little investment.

Stage 3: Kaizen!

So, what’s next, can you guess? Once we realize that we have a viable opportunity? Answer is, we optimize. Start building, step by step, little by little, day by day, pixel by pixel…

We start adding content that will draw more visitors into the client’s sales funnel. We test different styles, headlines, taglines, views, positions, graphics, imagery, messages.

Then repeat. Boost Traffic and Conversion Rates. Fine the holes and then fix them. Keep in touch and report with clients. Discuss what you can do next. Experiment, keep learning and have fun.

Lastly , if you consider yourself a strategic web designer, you get paid every month… And you will feel great, knowing that your clients are making much more money through there website, because of you.

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